Can I Sell Canva Designs on Etsy?

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You can sell Canva designs on Etsy as long as you follow certain guidelines and adhere to both Canva’s terms of use and Etsy’s policies. However, please note that platform policies and terms of use may change over time, so it’s crucial to review the most current guidelines on both Canva and Etsy’s websites before selling Canva designs on Etsy. Here are some key considerations:

1. Canva’s Terms of Use:

Before selling any Canva designs on Etsy, you should carefully review Canva’s terms of use. Canva provides a platform for creating designs, but it has specific terms and conditions that govern how those designs can be used. In general, Canva’s terms of use prohibit:

  • Reselling Canva’s stock images, elements, or templates as standalone items.
  • Using Canva to create designs that infringe on copyrights or trademarks.
  • Selling or distributing Canva designs in a way that competes with Canva’s own services.

2. Etsy’s Policies:

Etsy has specific policies regarding digital downloads and intellectual property rights. When selling Canva designs on Etsy, consider the following:

  • Digital Downloads: Etsy allows the sale of digital downloads, including Canva designs, but there are certain requirements. You must deliver the digital files to buyers via Etsy’s Instant Digital Download feature after purchase.
  • Originality: Ensure that your Canva designs are original and do not infringe on copyrights or trademarks. Using Canva’s elements, images, or templates in a way that violates Canva’s terms or infringes on others’ intellectual property is not allowed.

3. Proper Attribution:

If you use Canva’s free elements, images, or templates in your designs, be sure to provide proper attribution if required by Canva’s terms of use. Canva may require attribution for specific elements or images used in your designs, so check Canva’s attribution guidelines.

4. Transparent Descriptions:

In your Etsy listings, provide clear and transparent descriptions of your Canva designs. Buyers should understand what they are purchasing, including any terms of use or licensing restrictions associated with the design.

5. Licensing and Usage Rights:

Consider offering different licensing options for your Canva designs. For example, you can offer personal use licenses and commercial use licenses with varying terms and prices.

6. Copyright Compliance:

Ensure that your Canva designs do not contain copyrighted material, trademarks, or any content that you do not have the legal right to use. Respect intellectual property rights and avoid using copyrighted images, text, or other materials in your designs.

7. Customer Support:

Be prepared to provide customer support to buyers who may have questions or issues related to their Canva design purchases on Etsy.

Remember that the guidelines and policies mentioned may change over time. It’s essential to regularly review both Canva’s terms of use and Etsy’s policies for any updates or changes that may affect your ability to sell Canva designs on Etsy legally and responsibly.


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