What Can You Sell on Shopify in 2023?

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Shopify is a versatile e-commerce platform that allows you to sell a wide range of products and services. Here are some examples of what you can sell on Shopify:

  1. Physical Products:
    • Sell physical goods, such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, home decor, beauty products, and more.
    • Offer various product variants like size, color, and style options.
  2. Digital Products:
    • Sell digital downloads like ebooks, music, templates, software, fonts, graphics, and photography.
    • Use Shopify’s digital product delivery system to securely provide files to customers.
  3. Services:
    • Offer services such as consulting, coaching, design, marketing, or freelance work.
    • Use the Shopify platform to manage bookings and appointments.
  4. Subscriptions:
    • Create subscription-based products or services, such as subscription boxes, meal kits, or digital content memberships.
    • Automatically bill customers on a recurring basis.
  5. Event Tickets:
    • Sell tickets to events, concerts, workshops, or virtual conferences.
    • Use Shopify’s event management features to handle ticketing and registration.
  6. Print on Demand Products:
    • Partner with print-on-demand providers to sell custom merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and posters.
    • Designs are printed on-demand as orders are received.
  7. Dropshipping Products:
    • Set up a dropshipping store by sourcing products from suppliers and listing them in your Shopify store.
    • You only purchase products from suppliers when customers place orders.
  8. Handmade and Crafts:
    • Sell handmade items, crafts, art, and unique creations.
    • Etsy integration allows you to list and sell handmade goods directly on Shopify.
  9. Food and Beverages:
    • Offer food products such as snacks, gourmet items, spices, and beverages.
    • Comply with food safety regulations and consider local delivery options.
  10. Printed Merchandise:
    • Sell custom printed merchandise, including apparel, posters, stickers, and promotional items.
    • Collaborate with print shops to fulfill orders.
  11. Vintage and Collectibles:
    • Sell vintage or collectible items like antique furniture, vinyl records, retro clothing, and rare collectibles.
    • Adhere to guidelines for selling vintage or secondhand items.
  12. Dropshipping Electronics:
    • List and sell electronics and gadgets from suppliers without holding inventory.
    • Focus on marketing and customer service while suppliers handle fulfillment.
  13. Subscription Boxes:
    • Curate and sell subscription boxes filled with products in a specific niche, such as beauty, fitness, or lifestyle.
    • Provide subscribers with regular shipments.
  14. Wholesale Products:
    • Offer wholesale pricing to bulk buyers or businesses purchasing in larger quantities.
    • Set up a separate wholesale section on your Shopify store.
  15. Handmade Cosmetics and Skincare:
    • Create and sell handmade cosmetics, skincare products, soaps, and beauty items.
    • Comply with regulations and ensure product safety.
  16. Art and Prints:
    • Sell original artwork, prints, and art-related products.
    • Use high-quality images to showcase your art.
  17. Furniture and Home Decor:
    • Sell furniture, home decor, and interior design products.
    • Consider offering customization options for furniture.
  18. Sports and Outdoor Equipment:
    • Offer sports gear, outdoor equipment, camping supplies, and recreational items.
    • Highlight product specifications and features.
  19. Automotive Accessories:
    • Sell automotive parts, accessories, tools, or car care products.
    • Provide compatibility information for specific vehicle models.
  20. Personalized and Custom Products:
    • Create and sell personalized gifts, custom-made items, and products with customer-specific designs.
    • Use custom product builders and design tools.

Shopify’s flexibility and robust features make it suitable for a wide variety of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, across different industries. Your choice of what to sell will depend on your niche, target audience, and business goals.


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